Physical Security Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
We can conduct a comprehensive and unbiased Physical Security Vulnerability Assessment (VA) or Penetration Test of your existing facilities. In a VA, we will first determine the most probable and relevant threats to your operations. Then, using them as a baseline, determine whether your existing security offers you adequate protection. In a Penetration Test, you select the target or area of concern, and we will attempt to circumvent or defeat your security to reach the target.

We evaluate:

  • Security guard deployment, training, equipment, procedures, and suitability.
  • Locking hardware, and access/entry control hardware and software.
  • Physical IT infrastructure (OSI Layer 1) including: cabling, data storage, workstations, policies, and practices regarding physical access to your IT network.
  • Surveillance and intrusion detection equipment and software.
  • Company policies and procedures to determine if and where they are at odds with physical security best practice.
  • Existing contracts with security service providers to determine deficiencies.
  • (CPTED) Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

We take your expectations of physical security vs. the actual state of the physical security at your facilities – and bridge the disconnect – providing you with workable solutions to your security concerns.