North Central Process Service is a licensed Investigation services provider through Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General and is authorized under s. 2 of the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA) to undertake covert methods of determining the activities, conduct, character or repute of a person or organization. In accordance with s.2 of the Act, only licenced Investigators can be provided renumeration to determine the whereabouts of an individual.



s.2(1) No person may, without a licence to do so, for remuneration, investigate, conduct surveillance activities or seek or obtain information about (a) crimes, offences, contraventions of enactments or misconduct, or allegations of crimes, offences, contraventions of enactments or misconduct, (b) the cause of an accident, incident, property damage, personal injury or damage to premises, (c) the activity, conduct, character or reputation of a person, (d) the location of property, or (e) the whereabouts of a person.

Retain our services today – $200.00 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be applied to the balance owing upon completion of the assignment, includes Affidavit in Support of Substitutional Service if unable to locate. Please note, Process Serving is not one of the prescribed activities under the SSIA. It is federally legislated activity and is a standalone service which is billed separately.