North Central Process Service (NCPS) provides service and execution of civil process solutions pursuant to External link opens in new tab or windows.2(c) of the Criminal Code of Canada including process serving, attachable asset investigation, defendant/witness/debtor locate investigation, and small claims agent support (RTDRS and Provincial Court - Civil) to self represented litigants, law firms, small businesses, collection agencies, financial services companies, landlords, property management companies, and government agencies. North Central Process Service provides an External link opens in new tab or windowEssential Service as defined under s.95.1(b) of the Alberta Labour Relations Code and our front line employees have undergone training in NPI's and are equipped with PPE in accordance with best practices in respect to COVID-19.

We provide a straight forward, reliable, and cost effective solution compared to other uninsured and unlicensed options currently operating in the Province.

Whether you are looking to locate and serve a garnishee, search for attachable assets to satisfy a judgement, deal with problem tenants, locate a defendant to serve them legal documents, or perform surveillance in support of your filed court action – North Central Process Service is the right fit for your needs.

Government of Alberta Vendor #0000529600

North Central Process Service is not a free informational service on investigative procedures, investigative techniques, RTDRS or court procedures, legislative interpretation, or other legal advice.