Are you having issues with tenants who owe rent, are otherwise breaching their tenancy agreement, or to deal with criminal activity at your rental premises? We can assist you by facilitating evictions through the residential tenancies process – including obtaining evidence of breaches of the tenancy agreement or criminal activity*, serving the initial hearing notice, representing you in the hearing process, serving orders on the tenants, and filing orders with the court. We can also assist you in obtaining a Garnishee Summons when you are owed monies from a previous tenant. We can assist you in determining a tenants employer, their deposit accounts, or their other sources of income* – and serve the Garnishee Summons in order to help you get back what you are rightfully owed.

No Unnecessary Mediation Fees | Over A Decade of Experience | WCB and Commercially Insured | Armed Process Servers | Ministry of Justice Licenced Security and Investigators | Owned By a Former Civil Enforcement Bailiff

Residential Tenancies Act and Mobile Home Act - RTDRS Agent Starting at $499.00 + GST**. Mileage at $0.59/km will be charged for travel to serve notices and orders at premises' outside of our Edmonton, Calgary, Lloydminster***, Red Deer, and Grande Prairie Service Areas. One hearing included. Any additional court/hearing time will be billed at $75.00/hearing.

*evidence collection, filing of writs of enforcement, filing and service of garnishee summons, and tenant locates are additional services  and are available on request.

**up to $225.00 can be claimed through the RTDRS as costs. A portion of locate costs can be claimed on a case by case basis.

***Surcharge within our Lloydminster, and Edson Service areas.

Edmonton Eviction Service, Calgary Eviction Service, Red Deer Eviction Service, Lloydminster Eviction Service, Grande Prairie Eviction Service

Q. Do you charge for Tenant Mediation and is it necessary?

A. No. An applicant can claim up to $225.00 in costs from RTDRS however mediation costs can not be claimed. If you are the point of filing a claim against your tenant, you have exhausted all other options and your efforts to mediate the situation with the tenant on your own have failed. We are always able to provide settlement options to the tenant on the date of the hearing. If the tenant is agreeable to the arrangements the Tenancy Dispute Officer will prepare an order with the agreed upon terms. If you are paying an Agent to mediate with your tenants on your behalf, without an Order made by a Tenancy Dispute Officer, the agreed upon terms are unenforceable and you have wasted your money since you can't recoup those costs. 

Q. Do I need to pay for an Agent to attend with a Bailiff who is enforcing an Order?

A. No. A Civil Enforcement Bailiff will request that a Police Officer attend to Keep the Peace if the Tenant(s) obstruct the Bailiff. Paying an Agent to attend along with the Bailiff is unnecessary since you have already paid a flat rate for the Bailiff and the attendance of a Police Officer is covered through your tax dollars. Any costs for an Agent to attend along with the Bailiff can not be recouped. The attendance of an Agent can be a liability if they are not trained through a recognized body and are not licenced through the Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General.

Q. Do I need to serve a 14 day Notice to Terminate Tenancy on a tenant who has substantially breached their tenancy agreement?

A. A 14 day notice is recommended but it is not enforceable, and you can immediately file a claim without losing an additional two weeks of rent. A 14 day Notice  to Terminate should be used if you have not been in communication with the tenant and would like to give them a reasonable amount of time to remedy the breach, however, a Tenancy Dispute Officer may make an Unconditional Order or a Conditional Order including a payment plan regardless of whether a 14 day Notice to Terminate has been served or not.


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"External link opens in new tab or window5 Stars, Ryan was very professional and patient, It was very difficult case but Ryan was able to track them down and serve the documents. Highly recommend his services." Karam M

" Speedy service even during a pandemic. I was able to communicate my needs easily via email and get quick responses. I am very pleased and would 100% recommend. Thank you."Amanda G

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"External link opens in new tab or windowI had Ryan to help me with my tenant eviction process. He was very knowledgeable in the Tenancy Act and replied to my emails and calls promptly, and advised me of what I was supposed to do to comply with the laws. I would highly recommend Ryan for this service." J Sim

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"External link opens in new tab or windowThe judge awarded me partial cost of hiring North central for the eviction process making the total cost less then $300. Very efficient and economical. I would definitely use this service again." Derek B

"External link opens in new tab or windowNCPS are like godsend to me, the manner they handled my case with sheer professionalism is really commendable. I lived in another province, so I was not sure where to start as my tenants had not been paying me the rent as well as ignored the eviction notice." Sushil K

"External link opens in new tab or windowVery quick to action. He was able to locate my tenant's work place in just a couple of days. Very professional and friendly. Willing to explain the process with details. Recommend to all the landlords in Edmonton area." Sam T

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