Are you having issues with tenants who owe rent, are otherwise breaching their tenancy agreement, or do you need to take steps to ensure compliance with the Crime Free Multi Housing Program? We can assist you by facilitating the RTDRS process – including obtaining evidence of breaches of the tenancy agreement or criminal activity*, serving the initial eviction notice, representing you in the hearing process, serving orders on the tenants, and filing orders with the court. We can also assist you in obtaining a Garnishee Summons when you are owed monies from a previous tenant. We can assist you in determining a tenants employer, their deposit accounts, or their other sources of income* – and serve the Garnishee Summons in order to help you get back what you are rightfully owed.

$459.00 + GST** – Province Wide. Mileage at $0.55/km will be charged for travel outside of Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, or Lloydminster. One hearing included. Any additional court/hearing/travel time will be billed at $48.50/hr.

*evidence collection and locates are additional investigative services and are available on request.

**$225.00 can be claimed through the RTDRS as costs.