RTDRS Agent ($0.55/km travel outside of the Edmonton Capital or Calgary Regions)
Includes preparation and filing of RTDRS claim, service of hearing notice, acting as your representative in the hearing, and the service and filing of orders with the court. Includes filing of Writ of Enforcement, PPR filing, and filing/service of Garnishee Summons when sources of income or bank accounts are known.
$225 can be claimed through the RTDRS.


Investigation per/hr (incl. waiting time, admin, online, and field work) Costs for work involving overnight or out of province/country travel will be covered by the client, including: airfare, accommodation, meals, vehicle rental, cab fare, cover charges, and all other incidentals. Travel time will not be billed unless the investigator is driving and the client will
be billed for kilometers travelled. All costs for records searches will be covered by the client.

$300.00 Non-Refundable Deposit is required for all Investigations.


Court and Registry filingĀ per/hr (applicable registry, court, and rush fees extra).


ASIS Physical Security Professional (PSP)Ā® consulting per hr.


Additional process service attempt.


Per additional party served (same place and same time).


Courier for return of Affidavits of Service (outside of Edmonton, depending on location and speed of delivery)


Notarization for out of province Affidavits of Service w/ Process Service only (per affidavit).


Notarization of documents (first signature, each additional signature $2.50 – we DO NOT prepare documents or notarize or witness personal financial guarantees, wills, power of attorney, or documents relating to the transfer of ownership of property.


Per kilometer driven.